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Away from guidelines and SOPs for International SEO Strategies - towards more individuality and culture!

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When it comes to international SEO, many Companies rely on generic guidelines and standard operating procedures. To keep an overview & of course the control!

While these can be helpful for setting a foundation, they are often too simplistic and overlook critical cultural factors that can significantly impact the success of a campaign.

The main limitations of guidelines and SOPs include:

  • One-size-fits-all approach

  • Lack of cultural context

  • Inability to adapt to unique market dynamics.

  • Limited room for creativity and innovation

Importance of Individuality and Culture

  • Better understand your target audience!

  • Adapt your strategy to local market dynamics!

  • Build trust and credibility with local users!

  • Create more engaging and relevant content!

International SEO Strategies for a Culturally Sensitive Approach


Here are some strategies to help you develop a more individualized and culturally sensitive international SEO approach:

Language and Localization:


  • work closley with your international Colleges.

  • or work with native speakers or professional translators.

  • Understand regional dialects and colloquialisms.

  • Use hreflang tags to guide search engines.


Country-Specific Keyword Research:


  1. Conduct in-depth keyword research for each target market.

  2. Use local search engines and keyword research tools!

  3. Analyse competitors' keywords and strategies


Dream vs. Reality

International SEO is more than language its about knowing the culture
International SEO - Different perspectives

 If you want, be successful internationally - Take the challenge and take the absolutely ownership.

Good thing if you work international - you are not alone.

International SEO means working with different cultures and teams
International SEO your Team

You all have one target: Revenue.


 Plan calls & listen.


  • Get to know each other only 15 min is enough.

  • Listen: What are the targets, important goals etc.

  • Listen: Which is the importance local areas in the country?

  • Listen: What do they need? How is the knowledge?

  • Resources

  • Market research and check results with the country teams

  • SEO-Roadmap

International SEO Teams have to work closly together to reach their targets
Pros & Cons for international SEO Teams

It doesn´t matter if you’re a consultant, agency, or in-house SEO.

If it´s your Project, you have the ownership!

And that's exactly how you must act, communicate, and plan the strategy - which, according to your expertise, leads to sales. There are no excuses here, like: I gave advice, but they didn't implement it - instead we work according to an SEO roadmap with milestones!

Because we all know if the pages aren't performing at the end of the quarter - no one asks why we haven't implemented something - but questions our expertise.

Case Study Switzerland because it is important to see each country with all their colors.

Switzerland the country with more than one culture.

The Regions:

German Side largest linguistic region

The German-speaking Swiss are known for their punctuality, precision, and strong work ethic. They tend to be more conservative, structured, and formal compared to their French and Italian-speaking counterparts.

French Side

The culture is heavily influenced by France, with French being the predominant language. The French-speaking Swiss are generally considered to be more laid-back and open in comparison to the German-speaking Swiss. They have a strong appreciation for art, literature, and fine dining.

Italian Side Ticino and parts of Grisons

The Italian-speaking Swiss are known for their warmth, hospitality, and zest for life. They place a high value on family and social connections. Italian-speaking Swiss enjoy a more relaxed, Mediterranean lifestyle compared to their German and French-speaking counterparts, with a strong emphasis on food, wine, and leisure.

Although these differences exist

It is essential to note that Switzerland has a strong sense of national identity and unity. Swiss people are proud of their neutrality, direct democracy, and the country's stunning natural beauty. While the linguistic regions have their distinct cultural characteristics, they share common Swiss values such as cleanliness, efficiency, and a commitment to quality in all aspects of life.

How can I use the differences for my: Individual Seo Strategy?

You have to know the regions and optimize your LP´s with these informations.

Data Analyses for international SEO Case Study Switzerland
Data Analyses for international SEO Case Study Switzerland

Don´t forget Switzerland speaks 4 languages try to build LP´s also for Romansh!

Case Study France the North and the South

France one of my biggest challenges


Influenced by the industrial and agricultural heritage Proximity to Belgium, Germany, and the UK shapes the regional identity. Generally cooler and wetter climate, influencing the way of life and regional cuisine. Known for its hearty, rustic dishes with an emphasis on dairy products, potatoes, and meats. Rich in history related to both World Wars, with numerous memorials and battlefields. Regional languages and dialects, such as Ch'ti and Picard, reflecting the area's cultural diversity Strong connection to the arts, with notable cultural events like the Lille International Film Festival.


Mediterranean lifestyle with a relaxed, laid-back attitude. Strong influence from neighbouring Spain and Italy. Emphasis on outdoor living due to the warm climate. Renowned for its cuisine, featuring olive oil, seafood, and fresh produce. Rich in artistic and architectural history, including Roman ruins and Impressionist painters. Distinct regional languages and dialects, such as Occitan and Provençal. Tourism plays a significant role in the economy, with popular destinations like the French Riviera and Provence.


Resources for market research

Now it´s time for the SEO-Roadmap create one for every country you have!

SEO Roadmap for international SEO  created by Veronika Höller
SEO Roadmap for international SEO

Create Milestones

  • 2024 until May set up regulary calls with the Marketing Teams Market research.

  • 2024 until July ix all technical issues set up domains/subfolders.

  • 2024 until September overwork the content on the global websites - according to culture, dialect, and colloquial language.

  • 2024 until November Website adapted to each country's specific cultural and local search needs.

  • 2025 start with an internationally optimized web presence that chases the competition from the field.


Talk to your international teams and above all, listen arrange regular meetings develops a concept present it to the C-Suite. Lists costs what are the advantages what profit do you expect? What other resources are needed. Create a SEO roadmap with milestones realistic goals stay in touch.

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