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Google Ad Grants - Your Charity's Ticket to Greater Visibility

Want to raise awareness for your charitable organisation and reach a wider audience? Look no further than Google Ad Grants! This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about this valuable programme, from eligibility requirements to creating your first campaign.

What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants is a game-changer for non-profits. It's a programme that provides qualified organisations with a monthly advertising budget of up to $10,000 in free Google Ads. This allows you to place your message directly in Google search results and reach more people who care about your cause.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for Google Ad Grants, you must meet certain criteria:

  • Charitable status: Your organisation must have official charitable status in your country.

  • Google policies: You must adhere to the Google Ad Grants programme policies, which include restrictions on certain keywords and topics.

  • Active website: You need a high-quality website that showcases your organisation and its work.

How to set up your Google Ad Grants account:

  1. Registration: Register your organisation with TechSoup or another eligible partner.

  2. Application: Apply for Google Ad Grants and wait for approval.

  3. Account creation: Create your Google Ads account and link it to your Google for Nonprofits account.

  4. Campaign creation: Create your first campaign, choose relevant keywords, and write compelling ads.

Use your Chance to get more reach and show your impressive work up to 10.000$ for Non-Profit Organizations

Tips for successful Google Ad Grants campaigns:

  • Define clear goals: What do you want to achieve with your ads? More donations, more volunteers, more website visitors?

  • Keyword research: Choose relevant keywords that your target audience uses when searching.

  • Compelling ads: Write clear, concise ads that entice people to click.

  • Landing page optimisation: Ensure your landing page is relevant and user-friendly.

  • Regular optimisation: Review your campaigns regularly and make adjustments to improve performance.

Additional resources:

  • Google Ad Grants Help: Find answers to frequently asked questions and guidance on using the programme.

  • Google for Nonprofits Community: Connect with other non-profit organisations and get tips and support.

  • Agencies for Google Ad Grants: If you need help creating and managing your campaigns, you can contact a specialist agency.


Google Ad Grants is an incredibly valuable tool for non-profit organisations. With a little time and effort, you can run free advertising, increase your reach, and achieve your goals. Take advantage of this opportunity to raise awareness for your organisation and attract more support for your important work!

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