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Veronika Höller

Digital Marketing Blog

Veronika Höller Judge give some Awards at the UK Digital Excellence Award Show 2023
Über mich

About Me

Veronika Hoeller Digital Marketing Blog 

As a Global SEO Lead with over 15 years of digital marketing prowess, my journey began crafting words and managing PPC in a quaint advertising agency. I quickly realized that for many small and medium-sized businesses, SEA can be a costly affair. This insight fueled my continuous evolution towards SEO. My top priorities? International SEO, technical SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, and optimizing landing pages. In my view, SEO is a holistic art, not just isolated segments. It's a symphony of content, technical SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and UX. Each element is crucial. Like pieces of a puzzle, when they unite, rankings soar and leads flourish.

Veronika Höller Award Winner 2023 

Veronika Höller won the Women in Search Award 2023 from Conductor this is the certification


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